MenuWelcome To Mi Sombrero

Our menu features old Mexican favorites like Carne Guisada, Tacos al Carbón, Menudo, Carnitas Rancheras, and Queso Flameado. Our Tex-Mex classic combination plates have tacos, tostadas, and enchiladas with Spanish rice and refried beans.

Here you will find traditional Mexican breakfast favorites like Huevos Rancheros, Migas ala Mexicana, Machacado con Huevo, and Chorizo con Huevo. We also serve the standard American breakfast of Bacon and Eggs. Breakfast comes with homemade fries that are hand-cut and freshly fried.

When you get here, you have to try our best-selling Tommy’s Tacos. Beef fajita cooked with fresh jalapeños and onions, wrapped in three homemade flour tortillas and filled with Chile con Queso.

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